Coq is proof assistant based on the calculus of constructions. It is used to formalize proofs in a variety of fields, including mathematics and programming languages. Cocorico is a Coq wiki.

Coq installation

You need to install Coq and either CoqIDE (recommended for beginners) or Proof General (recommended for emacs users).

Coq official resources

Coq tutorials

Coq development

Coq community

Pointers to existing projects involving Coq.

Coq libraries

A non-exhaustive list of Coq libraries that are being used by other people than the developers.

  • SSReflect: formalization of mathematical theories, focusing in particular on group theory.

  • Flocq: formalization of floating-point computations.

  • TLC: a non-constructive library for Coq: an alternative to Coq's standard library.

  • Coq ExtLib: A collection of theories and plugins that may be useful in other Coq developments.

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Coq plugins and tools

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Coq's logic

Coq Wiki

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